Black Friday Musings

The line is 5-7 years long! Thankful for dialysis. It is occasionally terrifying to think about the fact that this machine and the availability of supplies keeps me going. Hoping for a living donor. But if that isn’t meant to be, I’m hanging in there a day at a time and today, I’m doing ok!

It’s like I’ve run out of lives in this game of life and I’m on the bonus round, which is kept going by the grace of God. I’m just now trying to fit in the most good I can do the most people and live what I have left… be it 5 more years or 55…

But isn’t that, really, the situation everyone is in? Aren’t we all on the bonus round? We have no idea how much time we have left on any given day. Live your best life today. Don’t wait. (Within reason, of course…still be responsible! ) #KidneyRocker

The REAL start of KidneyRocker

So, I am finally officially starting this blog! I’ve been busy and have not started until now.. but I have decided I need to share my story and a public blog is a good start.

I’ve always loved writing. It is cathartic to me, and a means of collecting my often scattered thoughts. And as I find myself in need of a kidney, and thrust into this new world of dialysis (its not as bad as I feared) I feel like I could be of help to others going through things. Maybe not exactly the same stuff, but everyone has Things to go through.

The reason for this hasty start: My dear friend from graduate school has created a sign to hold up at the Iron Bowl tomorrow. 3 rows up at Alabama 45 yard line to be exact.

Thanks Brittany!

I hope to keep everyone updated and entertained. And to anyone finding me who is inclined to share a spare kidney – I can never thank you enough 🙂 You can find my donor info on the front page at

About me

Basically, in 1982 at age 10 I was given a death sentence and I prayed for peace and guidance and a second chance. For whatever reason, God gave it to me. When you are living on your “second chance” your entire life perspective changes.

Me in 1982 after my Osteosarcoma diagnosis. I was diagnosed in March 1982 and had the amputation on March 22,1982 followed by about 9 months of aggressive Chemotherapy. They had to stop the chemo early because my kidneys failed (this is what started the process that leads to me starting dialysis in September, 2019. ) 

I have had the privilege to be able to go on with life. I went on to college and got my BS, MS, and PhD in Biochemistry/ Basic Medical Sciences and did realize my life goal of becoming a cancer researcher. At least for awhile! Life has a funny way of changing and I am now a data programmer/analyst. And I love every minute of it. My whole journey to Dr. Rocker is another post for another day!

I am here now to share my story and my journey, in case it might just help someone else!