About me

Basically, in 1982 at age 10 I was given a death sentence and I prayed for peace and guidance and a second chance. For whatever reason, God gave it to me. When you are living on your “second chance” your entire life perspective changes.

Me in 1982 after my Osteosarcoma diagnosis. I was diagnosed in March 1982 and had the amputation on March 22,1982 followed by about 9 months of aggressive Chemotherapy. They had to stop the chemo early because my kidneys failed (this is what started the process that leads to me starting dialysis in September, 2019. ) 

I have had the privilege to be able to go on with life. I went on to college and got my BS, MS, and PhD in Biochemistry/ Basic Medical Sciences and did realize my life goal of becoming a cancer researcher. At least for awhile! Life has a funny way of changing and I am now a data programmer/analyst. And I love every minute of it. My whole journey to Dr. Rocker is another post for another day!

I am here now to share my story and my journey, in case it might just help someone else!

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