The REAL start of KidneyRocker

So, I am finally officially starting this blog! I’ve been busy and have not started until now.. but I have decided I need to share my story and a public blog is a good start.

I’ve always loved writing. It is cathartic to me, and a means of collecting my often scattered thoughts. And as I find myself in need of a kidney, and thrust into this new world of dialysis (its not as bad as I feared) I feel like I could be of help to others going through things. Maybe not exactly the same stuff, but everyone has Things to go through.

The reason for this hasty start: My dear friend from graduate school has created a sign to hold up at the Iron Bowl tomorrow. 3 rows up at Alabama 45 yard line to be exact.

Thanks Brittany!

I hope to keep everyone updated and entertained. And to anyone finding me who is inclined to share a spare kidney – I can never thank you enough 🙂 You can find my donor info on the front page at

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