Welcome to my blog! I will warn you now… I am a computer programmer by trade but my HTML design skills are straight outta 1998! Bear with me! And Wow.. it takes a certain level of skill to take new design tools and STILL create a page that looks as 1998 as this one 🙂

My name is Jana Rocker and I am a 48 year old childhood cancer survivor. I lost my arm on March 22, 1982 to an aggressive bone cancer known as Osteosarcoma. Thanks to God, great surgeons, and experimental chemotherapy, I am still here today! Unfortunately, as a side effect of the chemo, I have lived with chronic kidney disease since 1983 which has recently progressed to kidney failure and I am currently on dialysis and in need of a kidney transplant.

This blog will give more information on becoming a living donor (If you are so inclined to “share your spare”) and on my story.

All living donor expenses are covered by my medical insurance and travel/hotel arrangements for the donor and their caregiver will be covered by us.

To be evaluated as a living donor please contact either location below.

Please specify my name : Jana Rocker

And they will ask my status:

I am currently on dialysis needing transplant and I am on the transplant list at both University of Mississippi and Ochsner.

Pick the one most convenient for you!

University of Mississippi Medical Center

Jackson, MS

Living Donors: (601) 984-5065; select option 1, option 4

Ochsner Health System

New Orleans, LA

If you’re interested in being tested as a living kidney donor, call 504-842-3925 or 1-800-643-1635 and ask to speak with the Living Donor Kidney Coordinator.

Want more information?

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